Our Purpose
Our purpose is to diversify the level of education within economic living, early childhood development, and self-awareness amongst all cultures while addressing issues of economic deficiencies.
We have identified five classifications to improve the community:
  • Single Parenting
  • Youth
  • Support to Spouses of Cancer Victims
  • Job Skills Training
  • Small Business
Why did we choose five? In one way or another our founders encountered extreme challenges in at least one of these areas and came to the question of "Why specialize in one when many can be helped?". Raise Up is about elevation in all facets of life. We all start in youth hoping to be upward bound to encounter our own communities while realizing that we may need more job skills training but may stumble with individual challenges before discovering that there just may be an entrepreneur within.

Mission Statement
Creating pathways where it does not seem possible

Our Vision
If in this lifetime we make a difference in one life, we have affected all eternity. We hope to reach all, but will not give up on one.

What We Are About?
Realizing An Individual's Success and Excellence while Uplifting the community through Program initiatives

Let the fear fall; Raise Up...

Board of Directors

Raymond Davis

Chief Executive Officer

Kenya Jones


Renee Davis

Community Outreach/Consultant

Keisha Adams

Chief Administrative Officer

Kaiya Henderson

Director of Marketing

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